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rejected cartoons

January 2008



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Jan. 23rd, 2008

rejected cartoons

(no subject)

i don't want to go back to school. i don't want to do my internship. i don't want to be a big girl. i like sleeping until one. i like being a big blob with willie. i don't want responsibility. i don't want to sleep in a room all by myself. i don't want to be stressed about time management and homework. i don't want to miss will. i'm not good with change.

Jan. 12th, 2008

rejected cartoons

(no subject)

i love frosted flakes. i hate being home.

Jan. 2nd, 2008

rejected cartoons

(no subject)

i always feel like a new year means weird things. like, i'm a year older. will and i have been together for a year. i should be a junior. i'm a craz-o.

2007 was a pretty fab year, though. second semester freshmen year was probably the best time ever. i miss all the assholes who graduated. i miss lacrosse. i miss sarah. the summer of '07 was pretty dandy too. i happen to like william, a lot.

2008 has some pretty big shoes to fill, i think. although, i'm really not looking forward to next semester. i called sarah the day after christmas and she still hasn't called me back. i guess i'll just call again.

happy new year, suckas.

Dec. 15th, 2007

rejected cartoons

(no subject)

well finals are done, i'm home home home. i don't really know how anything went. i just feel grumpy and lazy right now. i was absolutely dreading coming home. i like being able to do whatever i want (like drive to long island) and not worrying about the fact that will's dad doesn't like me, and that i'm actually spending lots of money, and that i'll have to work to get that money back. i really don't want to think about the fact that sarah won't be back to wells next semester or that it'll be a lot harder for will and i to see each other because we're both taking on so much. i also don't want to buy christmas presents. i don't want to sit in my cold little room alone, over-thinking about things i really don't need to think about in the first place. i like having homework. i like writing papers. i like having sarah as a roommate. and i like driving to long island. i was really content with everything just the way it was. boo.

anyway, i should probably go do some christmas shopping. i should probably decide whether i want to work at flo's or boces. and i would like to eat breakfast. my life is hard. bah, i'm such a whiner.

Dec. 10th, 2007

rejected cartoons

i got a 108!

will is trying to teach me to write code. it's only fun if you use obscene variables like i have. weee! he scored me a 108 'cause i lost 2 points for whining, but got back a bonus 10 for doing something more than what i was originally asked! (he's really lame).
using namespace std;

int main () {
int tit;
int pecker = 5;
cout <<"how many eyes does a human typically have?";
cin >> tit;
if (tit != 2)
cout << "WRONG repeat after me "<<pecker<<" times, loser-face!\n"; for(int j=1; j<pecker+1; j++) { cout <<j<<":\ta human does not have "<<tit<<" eyes. a human has 2 eyes!\n"; } } else { cout << "good job, melissa sue!\n"; } return 0; }

Dec. 6th, 2007


(no subject)

i've become obsessed with my other livejournal. writing shitty poems amuses me, and is a good way to waste time. but it's okay, i have some spare time, anyway. i only have to take my math final, and my english final (which is take home), and write one more 5 page paper (for ernie olson). so, i'm really unstressed and just waiting for someone to tell me i can go home for j-term.

my shits all in for my intership with dean lundquist. that'll be interesting, to say the least.

i also tried out for the vagina monologues. i'll find out about that on friday.

our activism project yesterday went absolutely amazing. it really restored my faith in the "community" at wells college. i wish we could have done it with some of the people from last year though. i think you guys (who had to graduate...assholes) would have really liked it. it was really thought-provoking, fun, and most importantly- meaningful. i'll post some pictures later when i'm not as lazy.

abba corbly smells like poo. and i <3 her.

Nov. 28th, 2007

rejected cartoons



dean l. wants to send me to san francisco for this: http://www.sc.edu/fye/index.html
i haven't filled out the application yet, though. i'm a lazy bum hole. when will i see you again, love muffin?

m. sue

check out rachel jacobs. she's pretty and AMAZING.

everyone should also read this:

a funny!

Nov. 25th, 2007

classic cig

(no subject)

sooo, i created a new livejournal because i wanted to have a place to put my poems. i'm embarrassing and such. but here's the link, anyway. feel free to read it and make fun of me and all that.


Nov. 22nd, 2007

rejected cartoons

(no subject)

it goes from great to terrible so quickly. the holidays always suck. i wish i wasn't such a loser. if it wasn't my mom's birthday tomorrow, i would love to just put some clothes in my car and drive away from everything here. although, i'm not sure there's anything for me anywhere anymore.

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